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Town Hall: 505 -869 -2050 

Court: 505-869-2205

The mission of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to encourage lifelong education for all members of the community while fostering a healthier community through the provisions set forth in the town zoning ordinances.

Foster and support a healthy economic base ensuring teamwork, cooperation and partnerships among the community‚Äôs private and public entities and its citizens.  And to proactively foster a town that is safe and affordable through the efficient and effective provision of public and private services.

Assists the Town Council with issues related to planning and updating ordinances related to land use planning including Zoning and subdivision ordinances.

Reviews land use proposals for Commercial, Residential and Rural zones within the Town.

Commissioners: Chairmen Waldy Salazar, Commissioners; Leroy Pacheco, Vince Milavec, Christine Murphy and Christine Amestoy.